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Wondering when you can see the Lionesses next?

Thursday 16th June - England vs Belgium
Friday 24th June - England vs Netherlands

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Highlights from our final game of the season and Vicky Abbott's and Laura Carter's final games for HTWFC. A league loss to Hull at the Stafflex Arena.

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SCI Football Festivals has places for Girls Teams for our 2022 Festivals. Girls Football Tours for teams in the u9s-u16s groups 5, 7 & 9-a-side. Tours include Weston-Super-Mare, Isle of Wight & North Wales:, telephone: 01305 768555 or email

Horsford F.C. Women (11v11)

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Caister F.C. Ladies 760118
KLSC F.C. Women 751116
Gorleston F.C. Womens 851216
UEA F.C. Womens 11v11 640212
Shrublands F.C. Ladies 532011
Horsford F.C. Women (11v11) 63039
Freethorpe F.C. Womens 52036
Bulldogs F.C. Ladies 72056
Red Rose F.C. Womens (11v11) 31023
F.C. Viking Valkyries Women 60060
Loddon United F.C. Women's 60060

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