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We talk to...Anna Perks (Wolves Women)

WPL Division 1 Midlands News - We talk to...Anna Perks (Wolves Women) - 7 Apr 2017 - Women's Football NewsWolverhampton Wanderers boosted their FAWPL Midlands Division One title hopes on Sunday with a hard battled 3-2 triumph against Radcliffe Olympic.

We conversed with Wolves Women captain Anna Perks who revealed to us that the Radcliffe win was a truly vital one and that the majority of their outstanding games are of colossal significance as they proceed with the chase after leaders Loughborough Foxes:

WSS: How tough a win was that on Sunday against a team which can still finish in the main three?

AP: Ratcliffe is always a tough game, with an accomplished squad who are always composed and difficult to beat, we knew going into the game it would be tough. We played some amazing football, made various chances and deserved the win.

WSS: Was it an especially imperative triumph in the wake of having drawn the previous two alliance games?

AP: It was a truly imperative win for us, in the wake of drawing the last two games we were altogether disappointed. We expected to get back on track and we were completely focused going into the game on Sunday. The win was essential for us to keep on being alliance contenders.

WSS: Do you now feel that your advancement test is back on track after the Radcliffe win?

AP: Unquestionably, we are altogether focused on what we have to do. We are taking each game at once and will expand on our execution from Sunday, in front of this end of the week's game vs Long Eaton.

WSS: Jade Cross is having an extraordinary season before goal, how huge a boost to the team is it to have a customary goalscorer like her?

AP: Having a player like Jade is important. She is a fabulous finisher as well as her development play is excellent, and she has many dimensions to her game. She has pace to get in behind additionally certain having the ball to her feet. For a fact, a protector's bad dream!

WSS: This week you play the first of two successive matches against Long Eaton, what sort of matches would you say you are expecting against them?

AP: Long Eaton, once more, will be an exceptionally tough game. They have some extremely strong players, who can change a game. However after our execution last week and buckling down in preparing, we will be completely arranged and raring to go come Sunday.

WSS: Despite the fact that you are seven points behind and with two games close by, in the event that you win your games you will win the class. Is that the way the team is probably going to approach the rest of the season?

AP: We are taking each game at once. All teams seeking the association have games left so there is still far to go. Of course the point is to win the greater part of our games, yet we are not looking too a long ways ahead and focusing on each game as it comes.

WSS: There are other tough games of course, however do you see your match with Loughborough Foxes being a conceivably decisive one?

AP: Each game is essential. In this class all teams are physical, sorted out and difficult to beat. Whatever the result is against Loughborough on the 26th April, there are still games remaining so anything can happen. We are just staying focused and positive, by doing that we will give ourselves the best shot.

WSS: After the misfortune of assignment two years back, do you feel that the club is prepared now for an arrival to a more elevated amount?

AP: Two years prior, the squad was not sufficiently strong to contend tragically, so descending permitted us to revamp. The club have chipped away at setting up a structure in arrangement for advancement, regardless of whether it will be this season, or a season to come. Being granted The Local Ability Center last season, will give youthful, gifted players to get through the system and furthermore by pulling in new signings in the course of the last two seasons, it has just strengthened our squad. We do feel that now in the event that we do get advanced we are in a strong position, with a perfect blend of youth and experience.

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