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News article football bullet    Norway's men's and women's football teams have signed a historic equal pay agreement  
News article football bullet    England Women: FA to name Mark Sampson's successor in 2018  
News article football bullet    Blast from the past: Katie's column  
News article football bullet    Doncaster Rovers Belles 3-2 Sheffield FC Ladies  
News article football bullet    Lionesses U20's smash Nike friendlies  
News article football bullet    Sunderland AFC 1-0 Liverpool Ladies FC  
News article football bullet    Talking Women's football on One Media Radio  
News article football bullet    What is Toni Most Scared of? | Duggan & Earps | Roommates  
News article football bullet    Real Food, Real Results  
News article football bullet    Watch highlights of Lionesses 5-0 win over Kazakhstan  
News article football bullet    Netherlands Women 0-0 Republic of Ireland Women  
News article football bullet    Italian women's footballers aim for where men failed - a place in the World Cup  
News article football bullet    Women's World Cup qualifying - England Women 4-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina Women  
News article football bullet    UWWFC 100 Catch Challenge  
News article football bullet    Amazing shot, courtesy of the very talented photographer Julian Barker  
News article football bullet    Youngsters showcase skills at FA Girls' Football Festival  
News article football bullet    Former Celtic and Rangers women's football star opens up on heartache of sister's death  
News article football bullet    Vote for Young Player of the Year  
News article football bullet    Football boots for Christmas  
News article football bullet    UEFA Women's Euro  
News article football bullet    Arsenal Drop Ladies  
News article football bullet    Euro 2017 England vs France Sun 30-Jul  
News article football bullet    Euro 2017 Germany vs Denmark Waterlogged  
News article football bullet    Add your photo to the mosaic  
News article football bullet    Galway Women's FC 5 -1 Peamount United  
News article football bullet    Join Kirsty Gallacher in Supporting Lionesses  
News article football bullet    Christie Murray's goal seals a 1-0 victory over Ireland  
News article football bullet    1 week to go to Women's Euro 2017  
News article football bullet    Australia to officially launch a bid to host the World Cup  
News article football bullet    Match ends up in a mass brawl  
News article football bullet    White scores twice against Denmark  

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A A Piv Ladies

Abbey Rangers Ladies (SCWGL)

Abbey Rangers Ladies (SECWFL)

Abbey United

Aberdeen East End

Aberdeen FC Ladies

Aberdeen Girls U13s

Aberdeen Girls U15s

Aberdeen Girls U17s

Aberdeen Ladies



Aberystwyth Town Ladies

Abington Athletic Ladies

Accrington Girls & Ladies FC

Accrington Ladies '91

Accrington Stanley

Acton Sports Club

Acton Sports Club Reserves

Adelaide City Womens Soccer Club

Adelaide Comets

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Olympic

Adelaide Sensation

Adelaide University

Admaston U12s

Admaston U14s


AE Aegina


AFC Bournemouth Ladies

AFC Bournemouth Young Ladies

AFC Bournemouth Young Ladies U11's

AFC Bournemouth Young Ladies U13's

AFC Bournemouth Young Ladies U15's

AFC Fulham

AFC Fulham Women

AFC Kempston Rovers

AFC Margate Ladies

AFC Newbury

AFC Newbury Reserves

AFC Newbury Under-10's

AFC Newbury Under-12's

AFC Newbury Under-13's

AFC Newbury Under-14's

AFC Newbury Under-17's

AFC Oldham Vixens

AFC Phoenix

AFC Portchester

AFC Preston

AFC Preston U12s

AFC Preston U16

AFC Sudbury

AFC Sudbury U13s

AFC Sudbury U16s

AFC Telford United Ladies

AFC Trinity

AFC Urmston Meadowside

AFC Urmston Meadowside U13s

AFC Wimbledon Ladies

AFC Wimbledon Ladies Reserves


Aguila - Magicas United

Airbus UK

Aland United

Albion Rovers


Albrighton Magpies

Alcester 2000 Girls

Alder Ladies

Aldershot Post Office

Aldershot Town Ladies FC

Aldershot Town Reserves

Aldinga Bay

Alexandra Park


All Saints U14s

All Stars U-14's

All Stars U12s

Allestree Ladies

Allscott Ladies



Alresford Town U12s

Altofts U13s

Alton Town

Alton United

Alverthorpe Juniors


Amazon Grimstad

Amazones Trikalon GR

Ambassadors in Sport


Andover New Street FC

Andy TG U10's

Andy TG U12's Lions

Andy TG U12s Tigers

Andy TG U14s

Annfield Plain

App-Frod Spice Girls U12s

APS Rangers


Ards FC Ladies

Ards Rangers Junior FC

Ards Youth


Arlesey Town Ladies

Arlesey Town Ladies Development

Armagh City Ladies


Armenia U19

Army Women

Arnold Town

Arsenal Academy

Arsenal Ladies Reserves

Arsenal Ladies U10s

Arsenal Ladies U12s

Arsenal Ladies U14s

Arsenal Ladies U16s

Arsenal North

Arsenal North 2nd

Arsenal North A

Arsenal North B

Arsenal North U15s

Arsenal North U17s

Arsenal Women


Arun Ladies

Arundel Devils Girls U12s

ASC Dayncourt Ladies

Asfordby Amateurs

Asfordby Amateurs Gems

Asfordby Amateurs Gems U10s

Asfordby Amateurs Gems U9s

Asfordby Amateurs Reserves

Ashdown & Poole Town Ladies

Ashdown & Poole Town Young Ladies

Ashdown Rovers City U13s

Ashdown Rovers Ladies

Ashdown Rovers U11s

Ashdown Rovers U15s

Ashdown Rovers United U13s

Ashford Girls FC

Ashford Town Ladies

Ashford Under-14s

Ashford Under-16s

Ashill Crushers Girls

Assandun Vikings Girls U15's

Assandun Vikings Ladies FC

Assandun Vikings U11's

Assandun Vikings U12s

Assandun Vikings U14s

Assundun Vikings U12s

Assundun Vikings U13s

Assundun Vikings U14s

Assundun Vikings U15s

Aston University Women's 1st

Aston Villa

Aston Villa Reserves

Aston Villa U16s Reserves

Aston Villa Under 12's Premier

Aston Villa Under 12's Reserves

Aston Villa Under 14's Premier

Aston Villa Under 14's Reserves

Aston Villa Under 16's Premier

Aston Villa Under 8's

Aston Villa Under-10s

ATG Lydiate U12s


Atherstone Rangers

Atherstone United

Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Club

Athletic Club 2

Attleborough Mills

Australia U19's

Australia Women - Matildas


Austria U19

AWS Dynamo A

AWS Dynamo B

Aylesbury Town U14s

Aylesbury United

Aylesbury United Reserves

Aylesbury United U12s

Aylesbury United U14s

Aylesbury Vale

Aylesford Girls U11s

Aylesford Girls Under-10s

Aylesford Girls Under-12's

Aylsham Town FC U11s

Aylsham Town FC U12s

Aylsham Town FC U14s A

Aylsham Town Girls

Aylsham Town Ladies


Ayr United

Ayr United U15

Ayr United U17s

Azerbaijan U19


B.O.S. United




Ballymena All-Stars

Balsall & Berkswell Hornets Girls U14

Balsham U13s


Banbury United

Bangor City Girls FC

Bangor City Reserves

Bangor University Women

Bar Hill Colts U10s

Bar Hill Colts U11s

Bar Hill Colts U12s

Bar Hill Ladies

Barchester United

Barking Ladies

Barking Ladies Reserves

Barking Ladies U10s

Barking Ladies U11s

Barking Ladies U11s A

Barking Ladies U11s B

Barking Ladies U12s

Barking Ladies U13s

Barlows U12s

Barming Youth U12's

Barnard Castle U12s

Barnes Eagles U11

Barnet Ladies

Barnet Reserves

Barnham Trojans Girls

Barnoldswick Barons Ladies

Barnoldswick Town

Barnsley Girls

Barnsley Girls U11's

Barnsley Girls U12s Reds

Barnsley Girls U12s Tykes

Barnsley Girls U14s

Barnsley Girls U16s

Barnsley Ladies

Barnsley Ladies Reserves

Barnsley Ladies U21's

Barnstaple Town

Barnton FC U12s

Barossa United JSC

Barry Town Ladies

Barton Rovers

Barton Rovers Girls


Barwell Belles U14s

Barwell ES

Basildon Town

Basildon United Ladies

Basingstoke Town

Bath City Ladies

Bath University

Batley Juniors Blaze U11s

Batley Juniors Heat U11s

Battersea and Wandsworth Ladies FC

Battersea Women's Football Club

Battyeford Sporting Club Ladies

Battyeford Sporting Club U11's

Battyeford Sporting Club Under 12's

Battyeford Sporting Club Under 14's

Battyeford Sporting Club Under-12

Battyeford Sporting Club Under-12s A

Battyeford Sporting Club Under-12s B

Battyeford U10s

Battyeford U12s

Battyeford U12s B

Battyeford U14s

Bays United FC U14 Girls Rebels

BBC Ladies

Beacon Hill Rovers Ladies



Beckers U13s


Bedfont Girls

Bedfont Sports

Bedford & District Sky Blues U16s

Bedford & District U16s

Bedford & District Valencia U14s

Bedford and District Lazios U14s

Bedford and District U12s

Bedford and District U13s

Bedford and District U14s

Bedford and District U15s

Bedford and District U16s

Bedford and District Womens Blues

Bedford and District Womens Reds

Bedford College PASE Academy

Bedford Ladies FC

Bedford Town Bells

Bedford Town Bells Reserves

Beech United Red & Whites

Beech United U12s

Beech United U15s

Beeston Centurions


Belarus U19

Belfast Banks

Belfast United

Belfast United I's

Belfast United II's

Belfast United III's

Belgium U19

Belgium Women

Belgium Women Under-17's

Belgium Women Under-19's


Bellgrave Bullets Ladies


Belmont Reserves

Belmont United U12s

Belmont United Youth

Belper Town 6-a-Side A

Belper Town 6-a-Side B

Belper Town Ladies

Belper Town Ladies Reservers

Belper Town LFC Reserves

Belverdere Park Girls

Benfleet Ladies

Bere Regis Ladies FC

Berkhamsted Town Girls

Berkhamsted Town Ladies

Berkshire Sports Ladies


Berry Belles U13s


Bettws Ladies

Beverley Town

Bexhill Town

Bexley College



Bilbrook Ladies

Billericay Town Ladies

Billesley United

Billingham Girls

Billingham U12s

Billinghurst Girls

Bilton Ajax Ladies

Bilton Ajax U13s

Bilton Ajax U14s


Bingham Town U10s

Bingham Town U12s

Bingham Town U13s

Bingham Town U15s

Bingham Town U8s Blue

Bingham Town U9s A

Binley Woods U12s

Birch Coppice Bullets

Birkdale U10s

Birkdale U12s Lions

Birkdale U12s Tigers

Birkdale U14s

Birkdale United AFC

Birkirkara FC Women's Team

Birmingham City LFC

Birmingham City Reserves

Birmingham City U10s

Birmingham City U12s

Birmingham City U14s

Birmingham City U16s

Birmingham Medics

Birmingham Under-10s

Birmingham Under-12s

Birmingham University

Birstall FL&E Ladies

Birstall United Ladies FC

Birtley U12s

Bishop Lydeard Ladies

Bishops Stortford

Blackburn Girls

Blackburn Girls U12s

Blackburn Girls U14s

Blackburn Girls U16s

Blackburn Ladies Football Team

Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Blackburn Rovers Ladies Reserves

Blackburn Rovers Ladies U16s

Blackburn Rovers U14s

Blackfield & Langley Ladies

Blackheath Women


Blackpool FC Girls

Blackpool Fylde Girls and Ladies

Blackpool Wren Rovers Ladies

Blackpool Wren Rovers Ladies Reserves

Blackwell LFC

Blackwell Meadows

Blacon Ladies

Blacon Youth

Blakeney Ladies

Blandford U11s

Blandford U13s

Blitz FC

Blofield United Youth - Girls U12s

Bloxwich United

Blue Star U14s

Blyth Rangers U12s

Blyth Reserves

Blyth Spartans Ladies

Blyth Spartans U10s

Blyth Spartans U14s

Blyth Town

Blyth Town Junior Girls U12s

Blyth Town Junior Girls U13s

Blyth Town Junior Girls U14s

Blyth U12s

Blyth U13s

Blyth U14s

Blythe Spartans


Bodmin Town

Bognor Regis Town LFC

Boldmere Falcons


Boldon Girls

Boldon U12s

Boldon U13s

Boldon U14s

Boldon U18s


Bolton Ambassadors

Bolton Lads & Girls

Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers Reserves

Bolton Wanderers Sprtrs

Bolton Woods U10s

Bolton Woods U14s

Bon Conseil


Boro Ladies 15 and over


Bosnia-Herzegovina U19


Boston United



Bottesford Carousel U16s

Bottesford Gibala U12s

Bottesford Girls Gocar U10s

Bottesford McDonalds U12s

Bottesford Specsavers U14s

Bottesford Tigers

Bottesford Town Carousel U10s

Bourne End

Bourne End Junior A U14s

Bourne End Junior B U14s

Bourne End Junior U12s

Bourne Ladies

Bourne Town Junior Girls

Bournemouth Town Ladies

Bowburn Girls FC

Bowers & Pitsea

Brackley Ladies

Bracknell Town

Bracknell Town Reserves

Bradford City 16's A

Bradford City 16's B

Bradford City A

Bradford City U12s

Bradford City U14s

Bradford City Under-11s

Bradford City Women

Bradford City Women U10's

Bradford City Women's Under 14's

bradford on avon

Bradford Park Avenue

Bradford Town Ladies FC

Bradwell Belles

Bradwell Belles U10s

Bradwell Belles U16s

Braintree Town LFC

Bramley Juniors U11s

Bramley Juniors Under-10's

Bramley Juniors Under-12s

Bramley U12s

Bramley U14s

Bramley U15s

Brandon Groves U12s

Brandon Lasses U12s

Bransholme Belles U12s

Bransholme Belles U14s

Brayton Belles A U12

Brayton Belles A U14

Brayton Belles A U17

Brayton Belles B U12

Brayton Belles B U14

Brazil Girls

Brazil Girls U10s

Brazil Girls U12s A

Brazil Girls U12s B

Brazil Girls U16s

Brazil U14s

1-500 of 4263, 500 / page
Record page: 1-500 | 501-1000 | 1001-1500 | 1501-2000 | 2001-2500 | 2501-3000 | 3001-3500 | 3501-4000 | 4001-4263

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