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FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

There’s not long to go for the Women's World Cup starting [WHEN]. Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help.

WHAT is the Women's World Cup?

The Women's World Cup is an international football (soccer) competition in which 32 countries compete over a month period. The competition is for members of Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

WHEN and WHERE was the first Women's World cup held?

The first competition was held in China, 1991.

Who has hosted the competition?

China and the United States have each hosted the tournament twice, while Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden have each hosted it once.

WHAT groups will play and how are they decided?

8 alphabetical groups of 4 teams compete. Groups are calculated based on FIFA World Rankings and match performances in recent World Cups. 3-year qualification periods decide who will be participating and participants are allocated one of 31 slots, with the host nation taking the 32nd slot.

WHO will host the 2023 Women's World Cup?

Australia and New Zealand will be co-hosting the Women's World Cup for 2023. This will be the first Women's World Cup to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, the first Women's World Cup to be hosted by two countries, and the first FIFA senior competition for either men or women to be held across two confederations.

WHICH teams will be playing?

Group A
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Switzerland
Group B
  • Australia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Nigeria
  • Canada
Group C
  • Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Zambia
  • Japan
Group D
  • England
  • Group B Play-off Winner
  • Denmark
  • China PR
Group E
  • USA
  • Vietnam
  • Netherlands
  • Group A Play-off Winner
Group F
  • France
  • Jamaica
  • Brazil
  • Group C Play-off Winner
Group G
  • Sweden
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Argentina
Group H
  • Germany
  • Morocco
  • Colombia
  • Korea Republic

Who has won the most Women's World Cups?

The United States currently has the most top four finishes, medals, and final appearances. They are one of seven nations to have played in every Women's World Cup and hold the 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019 titles.

Germany has won 2 titles, and Japan and Norway have won 1 title each.

When will the Women's World Cup be held?

The opening match will be held on the 20th July 2023 in Eden Park, Auckland between New Zealand and Norway.

What countries are most likely to win?

United States National Women's Team (USNWT) are tied with England (Lionesses) as co-favourites to take home the title in the 2023 Women's World Cup.

WHEN are the 2023 matches WHO will be playing in them?

20-7-2023 08:00 New Zealand vs Norway
20-7-2023 11:00 Australia vs Republic of Ireland
21-7-2023 03:30 Nigeria vs Canada
21-7-2023 06:00 Philippines vs Switzerland
21-7-2023 08:30 Spain vs Costa Rica
22-7-2023 02:00 United States vs Vietnam
22-7-2023 08:00 Zambia vs Japan
22-7-2023 10:30 England vs TBD
22-7-2023 13:00 Denmark vs China
23-7-2023 06:00 Sweden vs South Africa
23-7-2023 08:30 Netherlands vs TBD
23-7-2023 11:00 France vs Jamaica
24-7-2023 07:00 Italy vs Argentina
24-7-2023 09:30 Germany vs Morocco
24-7-2023 12:00 Brazil vs TBD
25-7-2023 03:00 Colombia vs South Korea
25-7-2023 06:30 New Zealand vs Philippines
25-7-2023 09:00 Switzerland vs Norway
26-7-2023 06:30 Japan vs Costa Rica
26-7-2023 08:30 Spain vs Zambia
26-7-2023 13:00 Canada vs Republic of Ireland
27-7-2023 02:00 United States vs Netherlands
27-7-2023 08:30 TBD vs Vietnam
27-7-2023 11:00 Australia vs Nigeria
28-7-2023 01:00 Argentina vs South Africa
28-7-2023 09:30 England vs Denmark
28-7-2023 12:00 China vs TBD
29-7-2023 08:30 Sweden vs Italy
29-7-2023 11:00 France vs Brazil
29-7-2023 13:30 TBD vs Jamaica
30-7-2023 05:30 South Korea vs Morocoo
30-7-2023 10:30 Germany vs Colombia
30-7-2023 08:00 Norway vs Philippines
30-7-2023 08:00 Switzerland vs New Zealand
31-7-2023 08:00 Japan vs Spain
31-7-2023 08:00 Costa Rica vs Zambia
31-7-2023 11:00 Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria
31-7-2023 11:00 Canada vs Australia
1-8-2023 08:00 Vietnam vs Netherlands
1-8-2023 08:00 TDB vs United States
1-8-2023 12:00 China vs England
1-8-2023 12:00 TBD vs Denmark
2-8-2023 08:00 Argentina vs Sweden
2-8-2023 08:00 South Africa vs Italiy
2-8-2023 11:00 TBD vs France
2-8-2023 11:00 Jamaica vs Brazil
3-8-2023 11:00 Morocoo vs Colombia
3-8-2023 11:00 South Korea vs Germany